Babangida Ruma trains young people in Nigeria to develop financial solutions.

Technology is transforming and disrupting a number of industries, by changing the way people work, connect and do business. No doubt unemployment and youths restiveness is one of the phenomenon’s that plagues economies and hinders sustainable development. high unemployment rate creates room for societal ills and vices. Babangida Ruma strives to compliment the effort of government in its employment generation drive through Technology based entrepreneurship development training. he gives a free comprehensive entrepreneurship practical and technology based training to Start-ups, existing and aspiring young entrepreneurs,/techpreneurs, University graduates, undergraduates, students in technical and vocational institutions. Babangida Ruma was able to achieve a great milestone in his course; Training, mentoring as well as building the capacity of youths drawn from various part of Nigeria.

“I had opportunity of investing Knowledge in over 100 students of “Cherish Collage of Health Sciences” on Entrepreneurship based on United Nations Industrial Developement Organization (UNIDO) and Hewlett Packard (HP) curriculum. I also exchange ideas with the students about Leadership, #SDG, Technology and Globalization, I focused on the power of public service and volunteerism to create a value-based Servant Leaders, citing example from my team and their work to empower young people around the world And enable them to become active global citizens creating a better world.” — Babangida Ruma
During, Training, mentoring as well as building the capacity of youths drawn from various part of Nigeria under the umbrella of National Youth Council of Nigeria. — Babangida Ruma
“In our Quest to stop Almajiris from roaming the streets and to empower them to be positive elements impacting our community, I was able to have an interactive session with stakeholders in our community most especially traditional rulers as they have vital role to play in addressing the issue of empowering the Almijiri’s, we also discussed with community leaders and Ulama’s on the Plan and strategy to put in place, I want to leverage on the Platform of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Hewlett Packard (HP) curriculum to support young people and empower the less privileged most especially on entrepreneurship and capacity building” — Babangida Ruma
Uplifting day in Dutse Jigawa state with participants of north west women in ICT 2018 workshop sponsored by National Information Technology Developement Agency” Nitda nigeria” The programme is aimed at empowering women with ICT and entrepreneurial skills to create self sustenance for themselves. When you educate a woman, you educate a nation and the world of technology is moving at a pace so fast that it will be detrimental to us as a nation, if we overlook the immense potential inherent in women were recording feats in the area of ICT and Nigerian women must be empowered, encouraged and supported to take their pride of place globally. — Babangida Ruma
During my visit to Niger state I met with young people to learn how they’re making a positive difference in their communities and how i can support young leaders like them, to prepare themselves for the next generation of leadership and entrepreneurship. — Babangida Ruma
‪The single most important thing I would be doing is to help prepare the next generation of young leaders and young entrepreneurs to take their own crack at changing the world, That’s my most important mission, and today I’m a little more confident that we can get the job done. — Babangida Ruma
‪It’s was absolutely inspiring and heartwarming to witness the lunching of Talk to 100 project, I joined them to convoy the support and solidarity on behalf of myself and my team, one of my highlights during the program was meeting my Good Friend hassan Rilwan “The Publisher of Sardauna Magazine” and some prominent the young people from Sokoto state. It’s simply our duty and responsibility to do what ever we can to move our society forward. More good news is that mkas tecch are among the partners of Talk to 100 project. Thank you Hon Aminu Bello Sokoto for appointing me as Head of ICT for Talkto100 project. i look forward to working together to develop better, bigger and more innovative society. — Babangida Ruma.

I’ve laid out a vision for expanding my journey not just in nigeria but in the whole Africa to have access to, and represents the interest of young people to build themselves. — Babangida Ruma